Gesha Village Coffee Auction 2017

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Auction overview

Bidding starts: 31 May 2017 09:00:00 BST
Ends: 31 May 2017 11:51:15 BST
Bidding Agreement

Our 2017 auction was held on 31st May and has now closed.

Congratulations to the winning bidders and thank you to all participants for making this a wonderful and historic event!


Lot Selection

The lots of this first ever Gesha Village Estate coffee auction have been meticulously selected by a dedicated team of cuppers at our coffee laboratory in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and at the coffee lab of our partner Willem Boot in San Rafael, California, USA. All cupping sessions have been conducted using the official protocols of the Specialty Coffee Association. All auction lots passed through at least 6 consecutive cupping rounds before becoming eligible for the Gesha Village Estate coffee auction.

Incentives for Winning Bidders

Winning bidders will receive a discount of 25% towards their follow up purchases of Gesha Village Estate coffee. This offer is valid for purchases up to 3,000 lbs during the 2017 calendar year.


Each sample box consists of 21 samples of 200 grams of genuine Gesha Village Estate coffee samples, wrapped in a beautiful hand-made auction 2017 bag, each pack corresponding to one of the 21 lots to be auctioned. When you register, you are invited to purchase a sample box at the special price of US$395. This price includes international express shipment to your company address.

Lots in this auction

Lot Score Boxes Pounds Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
8091.54198.42lbs$85.10/lb$16,885.54Gesha 1931 80 Washed Narsha BlockPebble Coffee, Taiwan & Urban Coffee RoasterFINISHED
7291.154264.55lbs$69.80/lb$18,465.59Gesha 1931 72 Natural Oma BlockCupping Room Coffee RoastersFINISHED
7791.054264.55lbs$52.20/lb$13,809.51Gesha 1931 77 Natural Oma BlockPebble Coffee, Taiwan & Terra Bella, TaiwanFINISHED
7690.954264.55lbs$40.20/lb$10,634.91Gesha 1931 76 Natural Nasha BlockPing Chung Enterprise Co Ltd, TaiwanFINISHED
4890.214264.55lbs$35.30/lb$9,338.62Gori Gesha 48 Natural Bangi BlockCosmeto Cafe, FranceFINISHED
2789.024264.55lbs$31.20/lb$8,253.96Gesha 1931 27 Washed Oma BlockLI-MING, 喵思咖啡, 芒果咖啡,CoCo Espresso, Hong KongFINISHED
5588.934264.55lbs$32.70/lb$8,650.79Gori Gesha 55 Natural Bangi BlockPing Chung Enterprise Co LtdFINISHED
4288.914264.55lbs$38.20/lb$10,105.81Gesha 1931 42 Natural Surma BlockD23 Café, Black Bean House coffee 黑豆坊咖啡,Peacecoffee 平和會館,Artini 亞堤尼咖啡事務所, TaiwanFINISHED
8588.794264.55lbs$34.30/lb$9,074.07Gesha 1931 85 Natural Surma BlockTasters Coffee, TaiwanFINISHED
4988.654264.55lbs$25.10/lb$6,640.21Illubabor Forest 49 Natural Gaylee BlockThe Roller Roasters, Athens, GreeceFINISHED
2688.524198.42lbs$34.05/lb$6,756.20Gori Gesha 26 Natural Shewa-Jibabu BlockHatch Coffee RoastersFINISHED
5187.894264.55lbs$35.10/lb$9,285.71Gesha 1931 51 Natural Oma BlockCupping Room Coffee Roasters / Koffee MameyaFINISHED
9087.844264.55lbs$47.21/lb$12,489.41Gesha 1931 90 Natural Oma BlockPebble Coffee, Taiwan & Urban Coffee Roaster FINISHED
4587.714264.55lbs$41.90/lb$11,084.65Gori Gesha Natural Shaya BlockSensory Artisan 感味宮匠 for Artisan Roastery & Sensory ZEROFINISHED
2287.694264.55lbs$30.80/lb$8,148.14Gori Gesha 22 NaturalShaya BlockVolcafe JapanFINISHED
8687.454264.55lbs$30.80/lb$8,148.14Gesha 1931 86 Natural Oma BlockTSE Custom Roastery & HWC Roasters, TaiwanFINISHED
0787.344264.55lbs$26.00/lb$6,878.30Illubabor Forest 7 Washed, Gaylee BlockTEN 7 CO., LTD, Taiwan FINISHED
5987.124264.55lbs$72.30/lb$19,126.97Gori Gesha 59 Natural Shewa-Jibabu BlockBREW92, Saudi ArabiaFINISHED
6586.894264.55lbs$31.10/lb$8,227.51Gori Gesha 65 Washed Bangi BlockHelen CoffeeFINISHED
7186.654264.55lbs$25.20/lb$6,666.66Gori Gesha 71 Wet Fermentation, Shaya BlockME LAN ENTERPRISE CO., TaiwanFINISHED
5286.354264.55lbs$30.00/lb$7,936.50Gori Gesha 52 Washed Shaya BlockVolcafe JapanFINISHED
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