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Review of Our Auction

What a great year this has been so far for Gesha Village Estate! Our production has almost doubled compared to 2017.

The quality of this year’s lots is even more extraordinary than in past years. This is partially due to the nearly perfect dry conditions during the post-harvest period, which was particularly helpful for our natural coffees. Most importantly, the community around Gesha Village is thriving. Our farm has created increased economic activities for the people in our community, and it’s heartwarming to experience how we have all come together. Overall we have many more lots to choose from, and the flavors we have tasted are diverse and abundant.

This year's auction features 31 unique lots in two categories:

  • Champions Reserve
  • Farm Reserve

All lots are vacuum-packed and sorted to the highest possible quality standards.

Auction Date

The auction was held on June 20, 2018 at 9am (London) BST.



Our Social Commitment

In 2017, the Gesha Village Foundation started a yearly farmer-to-farmer think-tank workshop, providing educational opportunities and information exchange to farmers, hosted at the farm.

Led by Gesha Village’s management team as well as visiting local and international specialty-coffee experts, these workshops give local farmers a chance to learn about farming best practices, challenges, and solutions. The workshop provides a platform for Ethiopian coffee farmers to exchange ideas, working and growing together for the growth of the country’s coffee industry. Dates and details of these workshops are posted on our website as they are announced.

One dollar from every pound sold in the auction will be used toward funding this program.

Introducing the Auction

Explore Gesha Village

Gesha Village includes eight distinct farm plots with their own unique features. These films explore those plots on our farm:

  • Bangi
  • Gaylee
  • Oma
  • Shaya
  • Dimma
  • Surma
  • Shewa-Jibabu
  • Narsha




Shewa Jibabu